How Footluze Came to Be

Wedad And Nazir KeshavjiFootluze is the brainchild of the Keshavji's, Wedad and Nazir, former owners and operators of a popular community-based Home Hardware store in North Vancouver, British Columbia. For the past 30 years, Wedad and Nazir built their business around providing the community with great products and exceptional service.

Their philosophy then, as now, was simple: listen to what people want from their local hardware store, then source and deliver quality products at a fair price. Combine this with the dedication, commitment and hard work it took to manage a busy hardware store and you have the foundation for Footluze, created in 2004.

The Keshavji's saw an opportunity to provide a manufacturer-direct line of top quality crafted coco fibre floor mats in contemporary designs and styles that would appeal to the broad and discerning tastes of their North Vancouver community and beyond.

Footluze Mats has grown since it's creation in 2004. Wedad and Nazir supply a wide range of eco-friendly, non-child labour mats to the Home Hardware community and other resellers, and direct to home and business.

Mats for all seasons, and for all the right reasons! Functional, 100% natural, environmentally-friendly coco fibre, natural rubber and reclaimed polyester mats to help make a great first impression, right from the doorstep.