Fifty New Jobs Created in a Village in Sri Lanka!!


Making a difference one broom at a time!

The quest for a custom designed Eco Palm Broom led us to the lush island of Sri Lanka where the 100% handcrafted palm brooms are made.  To our great joy we were able to visit and make direct contact with the villagers who make these brooms. While we were there we learned that as a result of our intention to purchase larger quantities of the Eco Palm Broom that we had created 25 new direct jobs and 25 new indirect jobs.  A large portion of these jobs are held by women which enables them to stay within the village and at the same time look after their children . After all it takes a village to bring up a child.

How the Outdoor Palm Broom Came to Canada

We have a new product! It is a 100% handmade, eco-friendly Outdoor Palm Broom that made its debut  in the Vancouver market this past summer. The working area of the broom is made from the midribs of recycled palm leaves of the coconut palm tree producing species, Cocos Nucifera (refer to How they are Made in our website).

It seemed like a natural progression for us to import this broom given that it is made from the leaves of the palm tree and our doormats are made from the outer husk of the 'coconut' which is derived from the same species of the palm tree. This tree is truly a life source in many parts of the world – stay tuned for a blog coming up soon on this subject.

Palm Trees and Coco Fibre

The coco palm tree is a life sustaining tree in many parts of the world.

Please stay tuned for a report on our visit to Sri Lanka for a first hand look at how the eco-palm  brooms are hand produced by the villagers!

Welcome to the New Footluze Website

Footluze is proud to launch our new and improved website.  After a lot of hard work, we're hoping that this new website will improve the customer experience for both our retail and wholesale customers.  The following features have been added to the site to achieve this goal:

  1. Fresh and modern design: The old website was showing its age.  Our new design has a lighter feel and incorporates a slightly different colour palette which aligns with our new print marketing pieces.
  2. Online catalogue: All of our products can now be viewed online.  We'll be enabling our ecommerce engine in the coming weeks to allow consumers to purchase our products directly from our website.
  3. New products: We've got a selection of new mats available as well as our recently launched palm brooms!
  4. Promotions: We'll be offering seasonal promotions so stay tuned to that page for some great deals!
  5. Blog: It goes without saying that if you're reading this, you're aware that we now have a blog.  We'll be updating it occasionally with information related to our products and how they can help protect our environment.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise, thanks for visiting our website and we hope you come back soon.