How Footluze Palm Brooms Are Made

Origin & Production of Palm Brooms

Footluze Palm Brooms are made in Asia and are constructed from the recycled hard midribs (stems) of fallen palm tree leaves. All of the materials used to construct the broom are 100% organic and biodegradable. A special method of artistically binding the brooms with rattan and local grasses is a unique skill found among villagers in some parts of Asia.

How Footluze Palm Broom Are Made

How Palm Brooms are Made

All our palm brooms are 100% hand made as follows:

  1. Fallen coconut tree fronds are collected and the leaves are stripped off the stems.
  2. The stems or midribs are then thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry. The perfect number of midribs are selected and gathered together to form the working end of the broom.
  3. The midribs are creatively fastened together with rattan binding leaving some room at the top of the gathering to insert the broom handle.
  4. The top of the bunch and the broom handle are then securely bound together using rattan fibre and local dried grasses to prevent displacement or movement of the stems. This creates a solid and durable base for the working area and the handle.
  5. Some tying and finishing is done to give the broom its final look.
  6. All the handles are pre-varnished and each handle has a loop with a string on top for ease of use and storage.

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